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The Sunken Archaeological Park of Baia

Baia is a Roman town on the northwest shore of Naples, Italy. Due to volcanic activities, the lower part of the town sunk into the Mediterranean sea in the fourth century AD. Towards the end of the Roman Republic, it became a popular city. Several emperors such as Julius Caesar, Nero and Hadrian had villas there dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Today, it is possible to visit the ruins by scuba diving.

Here are some of the archeological sites in the underwater park of Baia.

Claudio’s Nymphaeum in Baia

Located at a depth of 5m, the nymphaeum has a rectangular structure with a semi-circular apsis. It is highly impressive with its statues

Villa with Protyrum Entrance (Depth: 5m)

Today, it is possible to see the well protected mosaics with black and white stones on the floor of the villa.

The Pisonian Villa (Depth: 5m)

Here is the remaining structure of the villa which belonged to the Pisoni family. Later, emperor Neron confiscated the villa after an attempt of conspiracy. There is also a thermal pool and a private fishing farm.