Nurse Sings Final Hymn For Dying Patient -

Nurse Sings Final Hymn For Dying Patient

We all marvel at doctors – right?

They are smart and talented, I agree.

But they are not the only ones that help make us feel better.

Nurses, nurse’s aides, and other health care workers are unsung heroes.

Do you need proof? This video is that proof.

Isabelle is a nurse’s aide. She was caught on video helping a dying woman.

Isabelle learned that this patient, Grandma Helen, was dying and came in on her day off (how many doctors would you see singing to a dying patient – on their day off?).

The patient’s son caught the touching moment on video.

You will need a tissue when you click play, it doesn’t take long for the tears to well up.

Take a look at this video

Grandma Helen died a few days after this video was taken.

Rest in Peace, Grandma Helen. God Bless you, Isabella.

Shout out to all the other dedicated nurse’s aides around the world!

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