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People Share ‘Death Stairs’ That Are Completely Dangerous

Facebook group Death Stairs is dedicated to sharing dangerous and scary stairs and here are 30 of the most interesting ones.

1/ Takes Some Guts To Step Onto Here! I Gather It’s Tijuca Peak – Rio De Janeiro And I’m Not Planning To Visit Any Time Soon!

Helen Dashwood

2/ About 9 Years Ago, My Employer Put New Carpet On The Stairs. I Died 3 Times

Laura MJ

3/ And Yes: I “Tripped” When Coming Down Because I Thought I Had 1 More Step To Go

Zêta Schuijt-Koorndijk

4/ Floating Death Stairs At Machu Picchu, Peru…. I’m Sure That Drop Off On The Left When You Slip Is Just Fiiiiiiiin

Jorge Acosta

5/ Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit

Kyle Davis

6/ Scary Stairs

Chris Duzan

7/ And That’s How Fred Flinstone Came To Have Two Hip Replacements

Caitlin Tracy

8/ The Frozen Stairs Of Death! Stairs Up To The Top Of Snowdon, North Wales, UK!

Gill Allen

9/ No. So Much No

Francois Scott

10/ Death Stairs

FarEast Tupolev Tong