An Old Woman's Legs Are Miraculously Amputated, Her Brothers Are Dead, Her Son Abandons Her -

An Old Woman’s Legs Are Miraculously Amputated, Her Brothers Are Dead, Her Son Abandons Her

IS suffering on suffering! That’s what you can say after reading the story of this mother who had all her legs amputated and found herself living a life of great suffering in this world.

Mrs. Estina George (65), a resident of Mbezi-Msumi in Dar city, has found herself shedding tears after having all her legs amputated following an attack by three serious diseases.

Narrating the whole tragedy of what happened to the Risasi Makkasi Newspaper, the lady says her problem started little by little several years ago.

He says that his legs began to swell, produce maggots and then rot, where he went around various hospitals before going to the hospital to be tested.

After tests it was found that he was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and an enlarged heart.

“They said that these diseases were the cause of my legs swelling, maggots and rotting, so the doctors had to amputate one of my legs.

“After one leg was amputated, the problem moved to the other leg and it itself was amputated and now, as you can see, I have no legs, I can’t do anything without being carried by my grandson,” said the mother while shedding many tears.

He says in their family, nine children were born, but they all died so he is left alone.

He says in his life, he managed to have two children, but one died, he was left with one who abandoned him due to his problems.

Since the child kicked out his mother, it’s been about three years now without contact with him and he doesn’t know where he is.

“But my son who passed away, he left me one child (he is the grandson who helps him) and as you can see, we have no income, we only rely on the good Samaritans who will be touched by my problem,” says the lady and adds;

“I know President Magufuli is a compassionate leader for his people, I am asking my father to help me at least get food and medical treatment.

“In the same way, I am asking Makonda (Dar Regional Governor), and I know that he is a person who helps many people with problems like me, I am asking my son, when he reads or watches my news on Global TV, then have mercy on me because I am going through suffering after suffering.”

Angela Swai is the granddaughter of the lady who lives with her and helps her with everything.

For her part, Angela says she has no relatives to help her, as she doesn’t even know her father because he rejected her since she was young and has never seen him.

Angela says that she and her grandmother are going through a big test because there are times when she is unable to lift her grandmother by herself and she has no one to help her.

“Please, my brothers, help us because we are really stuck,” says Angela crying in pain.

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