Cat Found Under Deck with Kittens, After 300 Days of Searching, She Finds Person Who Gets Her -


Cat Found Under Deck with Kittens, After 300 Days of Searching, She Finds Person Who Gets Her

A cat was found under a deck caring for her kittens. She waited 300 days at the shelter until she found the person who understood her.

fluffy tortie cat


A mother cat was found under a deck nursing her three fluffy black kittens. She had a beautiful tortoiseshell coat that felt like silk.

The young mother was friendly toward her finder, ready to move into a safe place to raise her kittens. The staff at Exploits Valley SPCA learned about their situation and jumped at the chance to help them.

Upon arrival, the cat named Muffy was sweet and confident, stretching out on the floor and asking for belly rubs.

cat nursing kittens

She was found under a deck with her three kittensExploitsValleySPCA

She was thrilled to have a comfy bed to nestle in with her kittens and an abundance of food to devour all day. She no longer worried about the safety of her kittens as they romped around the place without a care in the world.

Muffy was a wonderful mother to her trio, Floof, Fozz, and Fluff, and raised them into happy, playful, rotund kittens.

tortie cat fluffy black kitten


As soon as they were put up for adoption, the kittens went to good homes. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Muffy continued to wait for her forever family to come through the door.

“She is happy she doesn’t have to be a mom again. She’s more suited to being the baby of the house,” Exploits Valley SPCA shared on social media.

fluffy black kittens, house panther kittens

Floof, Fozz, and FluffExploitsValleySPCA

“She gets along fine with cats aside from spurts of tortitude (attitude most tortoiseshell cats possess) which can also happen toward people. She’s a princess in a cat’s body waiting for her castle.”

At the shelter, Muffy was social and lovable with a touch of sass and preferred doing things on her terms. Beyond her tortitude, she had a heart of gold, waiting for the right person who would appreciate all sides of her.

sweet tortie cat


“She has had two different people come to meet her and has decided to show off her cattitude side and deter them from adoption.”

“Sometimes animals come to the shelter and are adopted the next day, but other times they wait months. They become our favorites. We look forward to seeing them and treat them a little extra special because they’ve been waiting so long.”

fluffy tortie cat

With good food and love, her coat blossomedExploitsValleySPCA

“They don’t always put their best paw forward when meeting new people, but they are more than that.”

Muffy waited patiently through many holidays and even renovations at the shelter. While they were working on her room, she became the honorary boss overseeing the project since she had stayed there the longest.

fluffy tortie cat

She was the boss overseeing the renovations in her roomExploitsValleySPCA

As she neared the year mark, the shelter shared yet another post, hoping it would reach the perfect family.

“Muffy knows she’s gorgeous, luxurious, and fabulous in every way. She believes with all her heart that she deserves the best human out there. One who plans to spoil her forevermore, and she won’t be adopted by anyone less.”

tortie cat stretching


Two weeks ago, Mark arrived at the shelter for a meet-and-greet with Muffy. He was immediately greeted with her tortitude. He wasn’t fazed at all and embraced Muffy wholeheartedly, even though she nipped him on their first meeting.

“You have to love true cat people who realize it’s only a ‘love’ bite.”

tortie cat stretching


“This sweet and spicy gal has left the building. She strutted right into the carrier on her own as if she knew. It may have taken 300 days, but Muffy officially found her humans.”

tortie fluffy cat

Muffy found her forever home after 300 days at the shelterExploitsValleySPCA

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