Person Went to Visit Animal Shelter but Ended Up Bringing Home Two Cat Sisters in Their Golden Years -


Person Went to Visit Animal Shelter but Ended Up Bringing Home Two Cat Sisters in Their Golden Years

A person went to visit an animal shelter but ended up bringing home two cat sisters in their golden years.

fluffy orange cat tail


Alicia went to the Exploits Valley SPCA to look at shelter cats but came home with two beautiful new additions to her family.

A few weeks ago, two orange and white cats, Mya and Hawkins, were brought to the SPCA, hoping for a chance at a better life. “They are the sweetest senior sisters. At 15 years young, these two fluffy orange gals have ended up in the shelter through no fault of their own,” the SPCA shared.

The feline sisters were both in good shape and eagerly sought affection from everyone they met. As soon as they spotted a visitor, they sprang up, ready to mingle. “They rush to the front of the cage for pets and love.”

golden girls cats

Mya and HawkinsExploitsValleySPCA

“Their golden years should be spent being pampered, spoiled, and cherished. It’s sad when any senior animal comes to the shelter.”

Hoping to find the cats a dream retirement home, shelter staff shared their story on social media. Alicia, who had adopted cats from the SPCA, heard about the “golden girls” from a friend and decided to pay a visit.

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She wanted to spend time with the cats and lavish them with affection. “I didn’t technically plan on getting them. Once I heard their story and saw them in person, I fell in love,” Alicia shared with Love Meow.

When Mya and Hawkins noticed Alicia, they were immediately friendly, trotting up to her and snuggling against her, as if trying to win her over.

orange cat snuggly affectionate


Alicia saw how much the cats longed for a family and how deeply they wished to leave the kennel life behind. “I loved them, and they needed a good home (to enjoy their golden years).”

She left the shelter that day with the two golden girls, en route to their forever home.

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They quickly settled into their new homeAlicia

“Anyone in the rescue world knows how hard it is to find a home for one senior, let alone two. We are forever thankful for the people who give them retirement homes of their dreams,” the SPCA shared.

Mya and Hawkins quickly adjusted to their new abode, exploring around the place and claiming every inch they touched. “I think they were just happy to get out of the cages,” Alicia added.

sweet orange cat

They claimed every inch they touchedAlicia

They met their new feline housemate, Midnight, and took her under their wing. “They seem to all like each other already.”

Being in a comfortable home, the two sisters have truly blossomed, and their personalities are shining through.

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“Mya is very clingy and affectionate and wants to be in your lap at all times. Hawkins is the same but also likes to take her naps by the window.”

“They have a very sweet bond, always cuddling and rubbing on each other.”

lounging by window


The sisters adore the big cat tree near the window, where they bask in the warm sunlight and watch the world go by.

“Mya really likes to flop on her belly and roll around, and Hawkins’ favorite thing might be the scratching posts on the cat trees.”

cat scratching tree


“Mya and Hawkins are extremely affectionate, cuddly, and very active for their age. They have so much energy to run, play, explore, and snuggle with their new sister.”

Alicia visited the shelter on that fateful day and came home with the sweetest pair of golden girls, who are now family for life.

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