Cat Never Knew Life Indoors Until Kind People Let Her in and Saved Her Kittens, Changing Course of Her Life -


Cat Never Knew Life Indoors Until Kind People Let Her in and Saved Her Kittens, Changing Course of Her Life

A cat never knew life indoors until kind people let her in and helped her kittens, changing the course of her life.

tabby cat nursing kittens

Gilly and her kittensAndreaChristian

A cat who had spent her entire life outdoors arrived in foster care with her two kittens. Volunteers from St Francis Society Animal Rescue took them in, along with another cat, giving them a new chance at life.

The tabby named Gilly first appeared as a stray, seeking food at a person’s home. When she had her second litter – only two out of the five kittens survived – her caretaker contacted the rescue organization, hoping to get them help and break the cycle.

“Gilly was such a sweet girl from the day she came to me,” Andrea Christian, a foster volunteer for the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

sweet cat kittens


Gilly was fiercely devoted to her two kittens, Thaddeus and Declan, never letting them out of her sight. She cradled them tenderly as they nursed and drifted into food comas.

At first, she was reluctant to let anyone handle her kittens. Having lost three, she hovered over her remaining two, ensuring they were safe and thriving.

cat mother nursing kittens


“When I started to give her kittens wet food, she would lie down away from the food and call them. She would chirp and coo until they came over to nurse. Gilly was a very good momma, a protective momma.”

The two boys grew by leaps and bounds under Gilly’s unwavering love and care. They waddled around with plump bellies, constantly crying for their mom’s attention, never lacking an ounce of love.

bobtail kittens sweet

Declan and Thaddeus; they were born with stubby tails just like their momAndreaChristian

The little white kitten, Thaddeus, was the braver and more adventurous of the two, while his tabby brother, Declan, kept their mom on her toes with endless demands.

“Gilly and her boys had curled tails that make a poof at the end of their bums.” Their stubby tails closely resemble those of Japanese Bobtails.

sweet sleepy kittens


Gilly taught her kittens how to play with toys and showed them proper litter box etiquette and how to eat from a dish like grown-up cats.

As the kittens became more independent, tumbling and running around with unbridled energy, Gilly began to see there was more to life than just raising kittens. With a safe home, she discovered an abundance of food, warmth, and comfort.

cat mom kitten


Slowly but surely, she came out of her shell and began to shine. “It is time for her to live a life untethered.”

Once her kittens found their dream home together, Gilly befriended other feline residents. “She is a young retired mom with a happy and calm personality. She mingled well with the cats here.”

bobtail cat nursing kittens


Chill as a cucumber, she watched other cats play from the sidelines, content and relieved to be free from the worries of food and shelter.

After a lifetime of roaming the outdoors, Gilly was ready to embrace her new chapter as a pampered indoor cat.

sweet kittens best friends


Just two days ago, a family came to meet her and was instantly smitten. “They had been preparing for a family member and knew they wanted a young adult.”

Gilly warmed up to them immediately, as if she knew they were there to take her home.

bobtail cat tabby


“We are going to miss this girl. She was such an amazing momma, friendly with all the other cats here, and such a happy girl.”

The former stray cat is now living her best life in a loving home, reigning as the queen of her castle.

tabby cat sweet bobtail


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