Cat with a Bent Ear Comes Up to People for Help, They Get Her Indoors Just in Time for Her Kittens to Arrive -


Cat with a Bent Ear Comes Up to People for Help, They Get Her Indoors Just in Time for Her Kittens to Arrive

A cat with a bent ear came up to kind people for help. They got her indoors just in time for her kittens to arrive.

cat mom nursing kittens

FreyaEllen Richter

A few Good Samaritans noticed a stray cat with a bent ear wandering around the neighborhood and began feeding her. Slowly, the cat warmed up to them and approached them for nourishment.

She started responding to her nickname, “crooked ear,” whenever her food providers called out to her. As her belly grew rounder, they realized she was eating for more than just herself – she was pregnant.

They hoped to find her a home with a dedicated carer, so they contacted their local rescue, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions.

stray cat bent ear

Ellen Richter

Ellen Richter, a foster volunteer for the rescue, warmly welcomed her into her home and lovingly named her Freya.

Freya, nervous and unsure of her new surroundings, immediately took refuge in a sink to decompress. “I let her relax and get comfortable with me. I’m so thankful she has a safe place to be.”

cat in sink

She was so nervous that she tried to hide in the sinkEllen Richter

Later that day, feeling more at ease in Ellen’s presence, Freya ventured from the sink to the floor and began interacting with her foster mom. She gazed up at Ellen wide-eyed, begging for attention and pets.

She showered her foster mom with affectionate headbutts and occasional love bites.

stray cat bent ear

She warmed up to her foster momEllen Richter

Freya’s right ear is bent backward, and her left ear shows signs of scarring. After wandering the streets for so long, she was delighted to finally have a roof over her head and an abundance of food to enjoy.

The next day, Ellen walked into the room to discover Freya with kittens by her side. She gave birth to a litter of six, pouring all her energy and love into nurturing them.

cat birth kittens

Ellen came into the room to find Freya with her newborn kittensEllen Richter

Freya was so devoted to her kittens that she wouldn’t leave their side, not even to eat. Ellen brought her food, plate after plate, to ensure she was nourished and cared for.

After eating to her heart’s content, Freya lay with her kittens nestled against her warm belly, happily stretching her paws in the air.

kittens nursing cat

She gave birth to six healthy kittensEllen Richter

“Mom is amazing, and the kittens are thriving.”

Even when Freya took a break from her kittens, she never strayed far, keeping a watchful eye on them while seeking attention from her foster mom.

cat mom nursing kittens

Freya constantly makes biscuitsEllen Richter

Freya has been the happiest mother, kneading with her front paws all day long. Her kittens are growing by leaps and bounds, with some already displaying their cattitude.

With their eyes still closed, the kittens hiss at unfamiliar scents as a natural defense mechanism.

cat mom nursing kittens

Ellen Richter

The kittens, now five days old, are wiggling around the nest with newfound energy. In about a week, their eyes will open, and their adventurous spirits will begin to shine.

Freya is starting to move around more in the room, knowing her kittens are safe.

kittens sleeping cat mom

Ellen Richter

She is incredibly loving and caring to her demanding six, diligently keeping them fed and clean. If one of them makes a peep, she rushes to their side, ensuring their needs are met.

cat nursing kittens

Ellen Richter

Thanks to the kindness of many people, Freya has found a second chance at life.

She will never have to worry about food and shelter again, and her kittens will grow up knowing only love and comfort.

newborn kittens nursing cat

Ellen Richter

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