Street Kitten Faces Numerous Challenges but Begins to Thrive Thanks to Those Who Believe in Him -


Street Kitten Faces Numerous Challenges but Begins to Thrive Thanks to Those Who Believe in Him

A street kitten faced numerous challenges but began to thrive thanks to those who believed in him.

cat crooked mouth

TomOne Cat at a Time

A kitten was brought to an animal shelter with many strikes against him. He couldn’t open his mouth due to injuries.

A shelter volunteer fed him with a syringe and tried to treat him with medication, but to no avail. He needed to see a specialist, but the shelter lacked access to one.

They reached out to the rescue community, and Marie, founder of One Cat at a Time, agreed to take him in after hearing about his plight.

rescued kitten tiny

One Cat at a Time

At two and a half months old, the kitten named Tom had already used up several of his nine lives. After hours on the road, he finally arrived at his foster home, where a new beginning awaited him.

“He had a fractured skull, and his jaw was broken in more than one place,” Marie shared. Tom had been attacked by another animal and neglected. Surviving such severe injuries was nothing short of a miracle.

rescued kitten cone

One Cat at a Time

“When talking to the vet, I had a lump in my throat. I was afraid she would tell us that there was nothing they could do. The good news is we had a surgery plan for Tom.”

Tom quickly charmed every staff member at the animal hospital with his sweet temperament. Despite all he had gone through, he never stopped seeking affection and simply wanted to be loved.

sweet kitten friendly

Tom sought affection from the staff at the animal hospitalOne Cat at a Time

Thanks to the outpouring of public support, the rescue was able to provide Tom with the life-changing surgery he needed. “Our little Tom is a strong kitten, a fighter. He is remarkably resilient.”

The operation was challenging for such a tiny kitten, but Tom pulled through. Part of his jaw was removed, allowing his mouth to open and function properly again.

sweet kitten resilient

Tom after the life-changing surgeryOne Cat at a Time

“Tom will have a crooked jaw, but he will be able to eat on his own. He will have a much better quality of life. After all that he has endured, he deserves the good life.”

The day after surgery, Tom was up on all fours, devouring a bowl of food like there was no tomorrow. “This means everything. It was the first time in weeks that he could open his jaw and eat like a normal kitten.”

kitten eating food

He opened his mouth to eat for the first time since the rescueOne Cat at a Time

Tom returned to his foster home and, within a few weeks, blossomed into a playful, boisterous, and social kitten. Nothing from his past could dampen his love for life.

“He may have a few imperfections on his face, but he is perfect in our eyes, crooked mouth or not.

sweet cat tree

Tom has blossomed into a handsome, playful young catOne Cat at a Time

Three months after his rescue, Tom’s dream came true when a loving family embraced him wholeheartedly and welcomed him into their home.

“He has been with his new dad and feline siblings for just two days, but it already feels as if he’s always been a part of their lives.”

happy sleeping cat

He’s found his forever homeOne Cat at a Time

“We knew he would adapt easily. He is fearless. He has left a mark in our hearts,” Marie shared. “Tom arrived with us with a broken body, but his joy for life remained unbreakable. He was a strong and resilient kitten, a true fighter.”

He’s found a new throne in the bathroom at his forever home.

happy cat home

Tom turned the sink into his new throneOne Cat at a Time

Throughout this journey, Marie and her team never stopped believing in him.

“Seeing him eat like a normal cat for the first time moved us all. Now, he is living the best life he truly deserves.”

cat nursing blanket kneading

Happy and lovedOne Cat at a Time

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