Kitten Found Outside Now Has a Puppy to Lean on Whenever She Needs a Cuddle -


Kitten Found Outside Now Has a Puppy to Lean on Whenever She Needs a Cuddle

A kitten who was found outside, now has a puppy to lean on whenever she needs a cuddle.

kitten puppy, best friends

Silas the pup and Delilah the kittenKaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

Kaitlyn, an animal ER nurse and neonatal fosterer based in Jacksonville, Florida, was contacted about a lone kitten who needed a foster home.

A junior high student who claimed to have found the kitten on the road, brought the little one to class. Without a cat mother, the kitten needed to be bottle-fed around the clock. The school reached out, in hopes of getting her the help she needed to thrive.

“Thankfully, the vice principal was familiar with kittens this age, as she had fostered for our city shelter over the summer,” Kaitlyn shared.

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Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

“We suspect the kitten was a stray. She was only about 16 days old when she arrived to me.”

The kitten named Delilah took to a bottle right away and gobbled down the formula like a champ. She quickly adapted to indoor life and was very pleased with her warm beds, comfy blankets, and the company of her people.

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Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

As much as she enjoyed her new abode and all the amenities, nothing made her happier than having a buddy to snuggle with.

A few days prior to Delilah’s arrival, Kaitlyn took in a 6-day-old puppy who needed critical care. With the help of an incubator, tube-feedings and lots of TLC, the little Goldie puppy, Silas, pulled through and started to fill out.

sleepy puppy, golden retriever

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

He went from being very frail and underweight to being chonky and demanding his bottle enthusiastically during feeding time. His whimpers soon caught the attention of Delilah, who insisted on finding the other baby in the house.

“I introduced the two when Silas was about 2.5 weeks old and Delilah about 3.5 weeks old. They hit it off right away and loved having a cuddle buddy,” Kaitlyn told Love Meow.

kitten puppy snuggling

They hit it off right awayKaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

Delilah turned Silas into her pillow buddy, and they became each other’s emotional support companion. They made an adorable pair and enjoyed cuddling together all the time.

Kaitlyn brings the two to work to continue their care around the clock. The duo melt every heart that they come across, and never fail to put a big smile on people’s faces.

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Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

“Watching these two grow makes my heart melt. They are both reaching big milestones,” Kaitlyn said. “As they’ve aged and their senses have heightened, they are now beginning to play with each other, and having a blast.”

At five weeks old, Delilah has started transitioning to eating on her own, and figured out her litter boxes with ease. Silas is a lot more confident having a friend encourage him to play and explore.

kitten puppy snuggling

Delilah adores her pillow buddyKaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

“Silas and Delilah have their own playpen mansions as they have very different needs, but they sure do love supervised play time together. It’s important for single bottle babies to become socialized with other animals at a young age to help them learn essential life skills,” Kaitlyn wrote.

“These two may be different species, but they are still learning a thing or two.”

kitten puppy, best friends

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

As they grow bigger, Silas will get to hang out with a dog who will show him the ropes and teach him the canine way. Delilah the playful kitty will continue socialization with all her furry friends.

Delilah came to her foster home as a single bottle baby, and now has a puppy to lean on whenever she needs a cuddle.

snuggly kitten puppy

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

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