Melanie Griffith has pleaded for prayers as her mother was forced to evacuate from a wildlife sanctuary due to the intense wildfires ravaging Los Angeles.

The actor took to Twitter, urging for prayers for those affected by the #SandFire. She expressed concern for her mother’s residence, Shambala, which was being evacuated. Tippi Hedren, Griffith’s 86-year-old mother, established the preserve in 1983 after her involvement in the film Roar.

Shambala is home to over 40 big cats, including lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, servals, bobcats, and an Asian leopard cat. Griffith later reassured her followers that her mother and the beloved cats were safe, expressing gratitude to the firefighters for their efforts.

Donations are welcomed for The Roar Foundation, which manages the center. Additionally, Sable Ranch, known for its appearances in various film and TV productions, has been ravaged by the fire.

The blaze has intensified in recent days, hindering firefighting efforts. Smoke has grounded aircraft used for containment operations. Officials described the fire’s spread as rapid and devastating, with 18 homes destroyed in areas such as Sand Canyon, Bear Divide, and Little Tujunga.

While initial reports suggested 20% containment, the U.S. Forest Service later clarified that containment remains at 10%. Firefighters continue to battle the Sand Fire relentlessly.

Up the coast about 300 miles, firefighters were contending with yet another wildfire, this one spanning 10,000 acres (16 square miles) in the area north of the stunning Big Sur region.

Approximately 1,700 firefighters are grappling with the blaze in the mountains north of Los Angeles, dubbed the Sand Fire. Their efforts are hampered by scorching temperatures reaching up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

On Sunday, crews confronted another challenging day marked by high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds, conditions that could exacerbate the fire’s rapid spread. Shifting winds carried smoke away from the greater Los Angeles area, affecting desert communities, where residents were cautioned about deteriorating air quality.

Tragically, late Saturday evening, a man’s body was discovered outside a residence on Iron Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. Detectives are investigating to determine whether the individual perished due to the fire or other causes, as noted by Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Rob Hahnlein.

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