HOT: Selena Gomez harasses Hailey Bieber for 72 hours straight, then decides a mental health break is right for her -


HOT: Selena Gomez harasses Hailey Bieber for 72 hours straight, then decides a mental health break is right for her

Let’s count how many times Selena Gomez has shaded Justin Bieber or sent hate to the women he’s been with… I wrote in 2013. The crazy part is that this sentence is applicable in 2023. Ten whole years you’ve been miserable, Selena. How does that feel? I wouldn’t know, I’m just a random blogger!

Even though no one asked, Selena Gomez has released the second installment to her #1 best selling How-To guide… “How To Be A Miserable Ex” 2.0!

Featuring a special appearance of misgendering Hailey.


Here is Selena interacting with a real Hailey hate account named “duckcopycat0” with the vilest bio misgendering Hailey.

Selena comments on a Hailey hate account that calls her a duck and misgenders her.

The video is calling Hailey a mean girl and a bully and wherever Hailey is… Selena is going to be there too because I think we can now certify her as obsessed.

The video featured a skit from Hailey’s appearance on “Drop The Mic” where she made the gagged face when Taylor was mentioned.

Scripted or not, that beef was from like 80 years ago and everyone had beef behind the scenes. Taylor was mean to Justin during those years and Hailey was often defending him from Selena & her. And no, Hailey and Justin do not like Taylor for their own reasons.
So as to how she’s reviving beef that has been fossilized by now, is insane.

If Hailey is a mean girl for making that face to Taylor’s music, what does that make my queen Taylor Swift for doing that to Justin? Who btw, was high key suicidal at that time, getting booed everywhere he went including that night on stage, and Taylor was hating on him directly after he won the Milestone award.

There is context to this drama.

Here’s the thing… don’t be hypocritical. Taylor was nasty to Justin in public and behind closed doors so obviously that’s going to reflect wat happens in public. How is it fine for one to lash out at the other but no one can retaliate?

And at what point is it okay for Selena to comment under a Hailey hate tiktok (her 87th this hour I think) to defend ummm *checks notes* Taylor who’s probably not answering Selena’s calls?Also, how are you defending her for fossilized beef that isn’t relevant? How did she even find the video from an account with 200 followers and 2 posts?

You ask me why Taylor doesn’t associate with Selena and there’s your answer. She’s an embarrassment and all parties are laughing at her behind the scenes. I have this confirmed to be my several sources.

2. Selena comments on TikTok that didn’t accept Kylie Jenner’s clarification that her facetime screenshot of Hailey wasn’t shade to Selena

Ugh Lindsy Lohan and Paris Hilton used to give us real drama. Selena Gomez got us writing about stupid eyebrows.

Anyway… Selena posted a video talking about how she laminated her brows too much

Kylie then posted a screenshot of her and Hailey on facetime and then claimed it was an accident.

Selena stans ran with it… there are literally tweets of them saying “let’s put this on tiktok and say they’re shading Selena”

This drama was emphasized by the following TikTok user whom Kylie ended up commenting on her video saying the following:
Selena then commented a red heart on the video where the woman is saying she doesn’t really see how this drama was “silly” and she still believes that Kylie & Hailey were shading Selena… that’s the context of what weirdo Selena is commenting on.

Mind you… Selena had replied back to Kylie’s comment under the original video saying they’re shading Selena and said…

3. After telling Kylie that she’s a fan and that the drama is unnecessary, she comments “I love you” on a TikTok that calls Hailey and Kylie mean girls, bitches, despicable nepo babies, and that now she’s a Selenator because of her hatred for them.

It’s crazy because “the mean girls coming at her throat” have said literally nothing… it’s all Selena fighting demons in her own head. It’s also Selena paying rent to stay in the TikTok comments of Bieber-related videos like this is wild…

4. After continuing to provoke this behavior and interact with hate accounts, Selena comments on a TikTok mentioning the nasty comments Hailey has been receiving and how this drama has gone overboard and says “Facts”

The only reason she did this is so she can give her insane fans a receipt to be like “see she’s defending Hailey!” but if it’s “fAcTs” Selena… why are you interacting and commenting in agreement on TiKToks calling Hailey & the Jenners, despicable nepo babies who are mean bitches?

5. Selena follows an account after he posts a TikTok reporting Hailey Bieber in honor of Selena Gomez.

The TikTok played Mariah Carey’s song “Obsessed” and he reported Hailey’s account for “impersonating Selena”

Then comes Selena announcing her mental health break…

The crazy part is she calls her fans “the best fans in the world” despiting knowing how much hate and harassment they sent to Hailey, the Jenners, & Justine Skye. I mean she commented “fAcTs” didn’t she?

Also her being in every tiktok comment section for the past week shows that she sees this behavior but she’s still giving them the green light to bully everyone else.

After threatening us with a good time by announcing a break… SHE COMMENTS ON 3 MORE TIKTOKS! Like girl the doctors ain’t get you yet?

6. She comments on another Hailey TikTok defending her right to defend Taylor for fossilized drama

… girl? No joking here but is it schizophrenia? Because who’s she fighting with? The people defending her outrageous behavior and bullying?

I just know Taylor is not picking up her calls. Also sEL, next time defend Taylor at the moment just like that time you did in 2016 when you dismissed the entire Black Lives Matter movement to defend tAy!

7. Commenting on a TikTok about losing someone and how she can do better

Now this one is just borderline pathetic when you remember that Justin has been married to Hailey for nearly FIVE YEARS.

I told you guys she’s not over him, that’s another point for me.

It’s always the loudest in the room that’s the most insecure. “I can do better” THEN DO BETTER. Stop threatening us with a good time and DO BETTER and move on like everyone is telling you to.

“She has other exes like Abel, not everything is about Justin” yAH but whose TiKTOk comments is she under? Hailey BIEBER related ones so that’s Sel for invalidating that excuses.

Also… what she’s doing to Bella Hadid will get its own post (even tho we fckin tired of writing about Selena)

8. The victim goodbye

I don’t know if this screenshot is real but at this point, she’s commented on like 90 TikToks writing the most bizarre things so this isn’t really that shocking.

Here’s a thread that includes some other of her unhinged comments because at this point, I’m too tired.And in typical Selena fashion… she deletes her account.

But after what? Suddenly sHE’S the victim for inciting hate?

This is the Selena Gomez special.

She starts drama.

She comes in trying to save the drama she started.

She runs away.

She’s done it to Justin when she harassed him for defending Sofia Richie then apologized on Snapchat calling her actions selfish and stupid.

Name ONE WOMAN… just ONE that Justin dated that Selena didn’t harass. You’ll probably sit there thinking harder than you’ve ever done on a test.

She always does the most unhinged things and then runs away.

And take a piece of advice from me who’s seen a lot in life.

A REAL mean girl will portray herself as a victim.

If Hailey was this mean b!tch you think she is, you’d be thinking she’s the victim because real mean girls know how to twist and turn the narrative in their favor. Hailey has been catching lashings unprovoked.

You guys know that scene in Mean Girls where Regina George reports Cady Herron to the principal for a comment written about her calling her a “fugly slut” even though SHE wrote the comment?

Yeah that’s the technique Selena has always used.

Don’t be fooled and don’t be stupid. And if you are, take it out of my comment section.

That’s all. Get well soon, Selena. Let me know what you think in the comments down below. Don’t spam the comments because I’ve been on a deleting spree so don’t waste your time exercising them little keyboard-warrior fingers.

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