Here’s What Ella Bleu, John Travolta’s Daughter Looks Like Today -


Here’s What Ella Bleu, John Travolta’s Daughter Looks Like Today

Films like Saturday Night Fever (1977) were massive hits, catapulting John Travolta to global stardom.

His fame soared even higher with his role in Grease.

Born in 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey, John was destined for greatness.

As the youngest in his family, he had big dreams.

He made the bold decision to quit high school and pursue acting, a passion he had since childhood.

Taking this risk turned out to be the best decision of his life.

Over the years, John has starred in numerous movies, including Two of a Kind (1983), Pulp Fiction (1994), Get Shorty (1995) – which earned him a Golden Globe, Broken Arrow (1996), Wild Hogs (2007), Gotti (2018), and more.

In 1991, John married actress Kelly Preston, whom he met while she was still married.

Kelly later admitted in 2018 that she had been unhappy in her previous marriage and wasn’t with the right person.

Tragically, Kelly passed away from breast cancer in July 2020, after nearly 30 years of marriage.

John and Kelly had three children: Jett, born on April 13, 1992; Ella Bleu, born in 2000; and Benjamin, born in 2010.

Jett, who had autism, sadly passed away in 2009 from seizures. John struggled deeply with the loss but focused on being there for his other children.

Ella, following in her parents’ footsteps, pursued acting and expressed gratitude for their guidance and support.

After Kelly’s passing, Ella shared heartfelt words about her mother, calling her the best person she’d ever known and expressing deep love and gratitude.

Ella and John share a close bond, with Ella describing her father as the most important person in her life.

John frequently expresses his pride in Ella, often posting about her on social media.

One memorable post featured a video of John dancing with Ella in memory of Kelly, highlighting how much Kelly loved dancing with him.

The strong relationship between John and Ella is heartwarming, showing the importance of family.

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