Husband Begs for Pardon on His Knees After Several Months After Leaving His Wife of Nearly 50 Years -


Husband Begs for Pardon on His Knees After Several Months After Leaving His Wife of Nearly 50 Years

A “savage” wife taught her husband a harsh lesson after he left her for a romantic affair with a young brunette.

“Divorce? John, tell me you’re not serious! And what did you say? You want a fair share?” Nicky exploded, shifting unsteadily in her chair as her husband announced he was “tired” of his monotonous life and wanted to live his life like a free man.

John smirked. “Oh, Nicky! It’s not like you didn’t see it coming. Come on. We both know there’s nothing left between us. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life sulking with you. I want to live. Like a free man. And I will find someone – beautiful and gorgeous….who’s not a dead goat like you! So, yes, I am divorcing you.”

“And you think I will let you off the hook so easily? You wish, John!” Nicky snarled. “You want to live like a free man, don’t you? Well, guess what? I am not going to sign the divorce papers, and you are not getting a single penny, let alone any share!”–Advertisment–

“You can’t do that, Nicky! If you don’t sign the papers of your own volition, I will compel you to the point where you will have to!”

Nicky laughed. “Oh, poor Johnny! What will you do? Bring a mistress home? Those young girls you’ve been playing around with? They won’t clean and cook for you like I did, John! I looked after you for 47 goddamn years! I raised our children by myself while you slept on the living room couch after work, drank beer, and went out with friends. And you think you’re going to get away with it? Never!”

You can’t escape karma.

“Well then,” John paused, looking at his wristwatch. “I don’t think I have a way out. I am leaving for a trip to Mexico in one hour. And I guess I’ll be away for six months. I completed all of the bookings, and, well, I used up nearly all of the savings we had in our joint account.

“Let’s see if you’d divorce me willingly or continue struggling to make ends meet and beg me for money. After all, what would a stay-at-home-wife like you do if she doesn’t have money? Have a good time, honey,” he said, mocking her. “I’m looking forward to my time in Mexico!”

“What? How the hell did you…That had my savings too, John! How dare you use it without discussing it with me?”

“I knew you would create a ruckus over divorce Nicky. And so, that’s how I had it planned!”

With that, John went to their bedroom, packed his stuff, and walked out of their house, leaving behind the divorce papers for Nicky. “If you don’t want to live with the consequences of your decision, sign it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your life will be nothing but hell from now on!” he added before leaving.

Nicky broke down in tears as she saw John walk away. Sure, John hadn’t been the best partner ever, but she’d only recently discovered that he was sleeping with women much younger than him who didn’t want anything serious but just a night’s stand. And so, he tried to get rid of her and divorce her.

But Nicky didn’t want the divorce. After their son and daughter moved out, she had only John by her side. And so, even after discovering his infidelity, she kept mum, thinking things would improve, but alas, it did not. John finally declared he wanted to divorce her. But she had made up her mind she wouldn’t let him slide. Not this time, John! You are not getting away with it!

Three months later…

Nicky was sitting in the living room, sipping raspberry tea, munching on chocolate chip cookies, and continually checking her watch, when she heard the doorbell ring. Her jaw dropped to the floor when she saw John at the doorstep. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Mexico?”

“Oh, Nicky! I am sorry, I am so sorry for what I did!” he begged, getting on his knees. “Please forgive me. I was wrong to leave you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Nicky was stunned. “John, what’s the matter? Okay, calm down. Let’s go inside and talk, alright?”

“Oh, Nicky! Where do I even start? I met this young girl, Maddison,” he began once they’d settled inside. “She was gorgeous, and I thought she loved me. We spent two months in Mexico together…But she was a con! She robbed me! She took all my money and everything! We were living in her modest apartment in Mexico together. She made me do everything for her, including cooking and cleaning. She had two children, and I even babysat them since I felt she loved me. But every night…” he cleared his throat.

“We never slept together because every time her kids would come into the room and she’d make an excuse and leave with them. She said she would marry me, but it was all fake…she – she was just after the money!”

“Oh, dear!” Nicky gasped. “That’s terrible…terrible…You know what….” She had started to speak when the doorbell rang.

“Just a minute, John. Let me see who’s there,” Nicky said as he walked to the door.

“Who’s there, Nicky?… What – What are you doing here?” John was taken aback when he noticed Maddison on their porch. “Nicky! She’s the one! She’s the one who robbed me!”

The two women exchanged glances and burst out laughing.

“All right, John! I know everything. Meet Mandy – or as you said – Maddison. She is my friend’s daughter. A single mother of two who helped me gather evidence against my infidel husband! I had warned you, John, that you would regret it! I tracked down your hotel using Facebook and called Maddison for help. This was all a trap, honey, and I’m so glad you fell for it!”

“What?” John exploded. “You did all of this on purpose?! You will regret it, Nicky! You will!”

“No, John,” Nicky yelled. “You will be the one at a loss this time. Take your luggage and leave my house immediately! And yes, I’m divorcing you, you jerk! And I’ll see to it that you don’t get a single cent! So get up and leave! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”

John took his luggage and left the house, mumbling something Nicky didn’t care about. She thanked Mandy for her help, and the two women enjoyed a cup of delicious raspberry tea on that chilly morning, laughing about how well their plan worked out.

A few months later, John and Nicky were divorced, and when their children learned about what had transpired, they took their mother’s side and ridiculed their father for stooping so low.

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