Kitten Minuscule in Size Has a Big Voice and Personality and a Cat To Help Raise Him -


Kitten Minuscule in Size Has a Big Voice and Personality and a Cat To Help Raise Him

A kitten who was minuscule in size, has a big voice, personality, and a cat to help raise him.

tiny tabby kitten

Charlie the kittenEllen Richter

Ellen Richter, a foster carer based in Las Vegas, received a desperate plea about a tiny 10-day-old kitten needing help. He was born to a feral cat in Mount Charleston, Nevada, and the only baby that survived against the cold.

The cat mom showed no interest in caring for her remaining kitten. “The baby hadn’t nursed for two days, and I was racing to try to save him,” Ellen shared with Love Meow.

She brought all her bottle-feeding supplies and rushed to pick up the little tabby named Charlie Brown.

tiny but mighty kitten

He was born to a feral cat and the sole survivor in his litterEllen Richter

Once Ellen arrived, she noticed that the feral cat mother had left her baby on a blanket a few feet away, all by himself. She began to worry for the worst and braced herself as she reached down to check on the kitten.

“He moved. He was cold to the touch, but he was alive. Thankfully, we weren’t too late.”

purrito kitten

Ellen Richter

Ellen immediately started to warm up the pint-sized tabby and get his body temperature up to a safe range. After a little while, she was able to get some food into his tiny body.

“Baby Charlie was much tinier than kittens at his age. He needed to be fed every two hours.”

tiny tabby kitten

Ellen Richter

“The first week was extremely touch and go. He would gain a little weight, but then lose a little,” Ellen told Love Meow. “I would tell myself, if he didn’t make it, at least he was safe and warm and loved in those final moments.”

By the second week, Charlie was still having trouble putting on weight, but he had a big voice and never slowed down his demands for attention.

tiny tabby kitten

Despite being so small, he wanted to waddle and playEllen Richter

Ellen made sure that little Charlie always went to bed with a full belly and didn’t lack an ounce of love. “By the third week, he started to gain a little. I finally felt comfort thinking he would survive.”

Watch Charlie the kitten in this cute video:

“Charlie was four weeks old and still fitting in the palm of my hand. He was starting to wobble a bit more and test out his muscles.”

After many sleepless nights, Ellen could breathe a sigh of relief.

affectionate kitten

Charlie is a little love-bugEllen Richter

The little wonder kitty is now eating like a champ, trying his hardest to grow big and strong.

He demands constant attention from his foster family, so the resident cat, Clicky, who has a soft spot for kittens in need, comes to offer a helping paw.

tiny tabby kitten

Ellen Richter

“Clicky loves to groom Charlie and care for him, showing him how to be a cat,” Ellen shared with Love Meow. “What Charlie lacks in size, he has in a big personality. He is even bossing Clicky around.”

At five weeks old, Charlie is healthy, active, and very sassy. His feral cat mom has been spayed and fully vetted, and now has a dedicated feeder to care for her.

cat and kitten

Clicky the resident cat took Charlie under his wingEllen Richter

“Charlie is still extremely small, but it’s not causing him any issues. He’s very good at using the litter box, and he’s started to play with toys,” Ellen told Love Meow.

“He will grow at his own pace, and act like a normal kitten. It may take some time, but I know Charlie will succeed.”

tiny kitten tabby

Ellen Richter

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