Cat Gets Some Help from Canine Buddy to Raise 7 Tuxedo Kittens While She Learns to Trust -


Cat Gets Some Help from Canine Buddy to Raise 7 Tuxedo Kittens While She Learns to Trust

A cat got some help from a canine buddy to raise her seven tuxedo kittens while she learned to trust.

cat mom hugs kittens

Banksy the cat momSalty Animal Rescue

Two months ago, Kim, an animal rescuer for Hamilton Animal Services, spotted a pregnant cat wandering in the community, scrounging around for food. She got the cat to safety and reached out to Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, cofounders of Salty Animal Rescue, for their assistance.

“Mom wasn’t super happy about humans at first but did let me sneak in a few pets. She was about a 5 1/2 on the spice scale, but with some extra work, we knew we could get her down to a solid one,” Karly shared with Love Meow.

After living on the street for likely most of her life, the expectant cat mother was finally able to relax and get some shuteye in a quiet, safe place.

sweet cat

She was found wandering outside pregnantSalty Animal Rescue

The cat, named Banksy, slowly came out of her shell and grew to enjoy being petted. She was shy but pleased with her comfortable new digs and all the food at her disposal. “We are so happy this will be her last litter and that neither she or her babies will ever add to the overpopulation in our community.”

Mama Banksy went into labor a few days later and brought seven healthy tuxedo kittens into the world.

newborn tuxedo kittens

She gave birth to seven tuxedo kittensSalty Animal Rescue

“She chose the one time I wasn’t home to have all seven within an hour and a half. Despite a perfectly clean, cozy birthing box, she decided to have them in the litter box.”

Karly stepped in to help clean up the babies and moved the feline family to the comfy, warm nest. After a few hours, Banksy’s maternal instinct kicked in, and she tried her best to care for her kittens (Warhol, Frida, Pablo, Mona, Monet, Bob Ross and Dali).

cat nursing kittens

Salty Animal Rescue

“I’m so happy she didn’t have to have them alone outside and that her semi-feral self had enough time before birth to develop a bond with me, so I could handle her kittens and give her some comfort.”

With seven hungry mouths to feed, Karly started supplementing them while Banksy kept them clean and loved. Two of the babies needed supportive care around the clock. Bob, the weakest of the bunch, bounced back on his paws with medical treatment and tube-feeding.

tiny cuddly kitten

Salty Animal Rescue

Mama Banksy was so relieved for the help as she was still trying to adjust to life as an indoor cat. When the kittens were around three weeks old, Karly decided it was time to bring in her trusty canine assistant, Nood.

“Nood finally got to meet her newest babies and there could not be a happier dog,” Karly shared with Love Meow.

Watch Mama Banksy, Nood and the kittens in this cute video:

“She’s our official resident kitten-cuddler and she takes her job very seriously. She’s snuggled more rescue kittens than we can count and makes sure each one gets all the love.”

dog foster kittens

Nood the dog enjoys baby-sitting the kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Banksy is thrilled to take some breaks from her demanding seven to be with her humans. “She’s had a rough go with mom life. Now that her little ones are older and she has our help, she seems to be doing better.

“I’m grateful she’s decided her recovering semi-feral self can trust me. She’s already made so much progress and even had the courage to come out of her safe space to feed everyone while we are with her.”

cat mom kitten

Mama Banksy and her mini-meSalty Animal Rescue

Nood dives into the role of kitten nanny whenever Banksy needs a breather from her babies. She showers them with licks and teaches them valuable skills, so they will be well socialized with people and canines.

“She is a professional and has too many foster kittens under her belt to even count. She’s obsessed with every kitten she can get her paws on. All seven of them seem quite happy to snuggle up for a snooze.”

dog and kittens

Salty Animal Rescue

The little tuxedos are seven weeks old and almost ready for their next chapter in life.

“They’re now set in their little personalities and it’s so fun to see. Mama Banksy has come so far thanks to her kittens showing her that people aren’t that bad,” Karly shared with Love Meow.

tuxedo kittens, black and white kittens

Salty Animal Rescue

“She comes to me for love when I go down to the room! She’s full of head bunts and purrs and I know she will make a great addition to a loving family in a quieter home.”

The cat mama will never have to worry about food, shelter or having another litter. She is purring every day and will enjoy her best indoor life with her future forever family.

tuxedo cat beautiful

Salty Animal Rescue

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