Was a princess, became a green-haired rebel. What Jennifer Lopez’s daughter looks like now. -


Was a princess, became a green-haired rebel. What Jennifer Lopez’s daughter looks like now.

They say that other people’s children grow up quickly . There is something in this, because fans didn’t even have time to wake up when Jennifer Lopez’s daughter turned from a cute little girl in pink dresses into a 13-year-old tomboy . Emma is JLo’s daughter from her marriage to Marc Anthony. She was never considered a difficult child. However, the teenager is said to be ready to compete for the title. Today we’ll tell you how Emma has changed in recent years and where the little princess has gone.

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter

There was a lot of talk about Jennifer Lopez’s daughter after she appeared in an image that was unusual for her before. Fans remember little Emma as a calm, collected and disciplined lover of rainbows and unicorns. The girl sings beautifully, there is no doubt about it. Jennifer Lopez takes her daughter’s music education very seriously. Emma inherited her father’s melodic soft voice and her mother’s talent to always look decent in public.

Already at the age of 11, she performed with Jennifer at the Super Bowl. The broadcast was watched by 100 million people, but the little girl did not lose her head and performed well. Even then she confirmed her star status. Soon Emma secured the image of a little angel : she wrote a book with prayers for children. The girl created a small collection so that peace and understanding reign in all families.

Why angel wings no longer suit little Emma

When the pandemic began, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter disappeared a little from view. But when she showed up, fans’ jaws dropped. The girl no longer wears pink dresses and cute shoes, and does not put her hair in a neat hairstyle. A teenager with a rebellious nature appeared before us in shapeless jeans and a disheveled green hairstyle. Yes, everyone saw that the girl had shortened her hair, but its color came as a surprise.

Previously, among celebrity children, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who firmly intended to become a boy, was considered the most difficult child . However, after the last appearance of Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emma, ​​this role is predicted for the former queen of unicorns.

However, there is no need to judge the girl so harshly. She is a teenager, and now she has time to look for herself, to express herself . Apparently, Jennifer Lopez is also not against her daughter’s transformations. In a recent interview, the singer said that the main thing for her is to raise strong individuals who are able to be happy regardless of their status. Thus, J.Lo, since Emma’s childhood, has been focusing on raising her daughter without “feminine” cliches.

Do you think children should be allowed to express themselves during adolescence in terms of appearance? Or are you still a more conservative person? Share your opinion in the comments!

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