How Liv Tyler found out who her real father is and what her relationship with her stepfather is like. -


How Liv Tyler found out who her real father is and what her relationship with her stepfather is like.

Everyone knows that the famous Princess Arwen from Peter Jackson’s trilogy is actress Liv Tyler and the daughter of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler. But the woman herself did not know about it until she was 12 years old, but she felt that something was wrong in the family. The story of her relationship with her biological father is no less interesting than the story of her career. So we decided to tell you how this happened and how Liv Tyler’s two fathers now build relationships with their daughter.

Liv Tyler’s two fathers

Everything secret becomes clear

The mother of the future actress, Bebe Buell, was a model. She was also part of the then popular hippie movement. So in her youth she attended many concerts and became acquainted with many prominent musicians of her time. Including Steven Tyler. Although she was actually married to Todd Rundgren, this did not stop her from having small affairs with one man or another.

Liv Rundgren was born on July 1, 1977. Her adoptive father made a promise to himself to become an exemplary father for the girl and ultimately kept it. Liv grew up surrounded by parental love and care. However, Stephen often came to visit them, and the girl really liked him.

“I seemed to know my father by sight, I bore his last name Rundgren, but when Steve Tyler came to visit, something unimaginable began to happen to me. I was sad and happy. I didn’t leave his side for a second, trying to remember how he was dressed or his smell. And how can you not start believing in miracles after something like this?” – Liv later recalled.

The musician himself later claimed that he realized his paternity when Liv was eight years old. He recalled that he looked at the girl and had the feeling that he was looking into a mirror. At first he did not know how to treat the child, and later he realized that she was the forgiveness of his sins.

Liv figured out everything when she was 12 years old. She went to an Aerosmith concert and encountered an almost complete copy of herself backstage. It was Stephen’s other daughter Mia. As a result, Bibi had to tell her daughter the whole truth, although she planned to keep the secret until she came of age.

Liv Tyler

Liv decided to take her biological father’s surname. And at the age of 14, at the encouragement of her mother, she took up a modeling career. Her career was gradually going up until Stephen invited her to star in his video. It was after the video for the track Crazy that Liv Tyler gained her first worldwide fame.

But the girl wanted to achieve everything herself. So in 1994, she played in a movie for the first time, but her next role in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “Stealing Beauty” became a real breakthrough. Liv then appeared in two more films that would soon go down in history. We’re talking about Armageddon and The Lord of the Rings.

Liv now spent most of her life with Steven Tyler. It turned out that they were related not only by blood, they were close to each other in spirit. Common tastes, interests and much more made them literally mirror relationships. But she didn’t forget about the man who raised her as a child.

“I am very grateful to Todd for choosing to be a father to me. It’s a big responsibility for a man to say, “I know this child may not be mine, but I still want to be her father.” I’m really grateful to him, I love him so much. When he hugs me, I feel like he’s my dad ,” the actress admitted in an interview.

So now Liv Tyler has two fathers who love her. And the three of them managed to build a relationship between themselves where no one feels superfluous or deprived. And this is something to be envied, probably.

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