What the sons of the brilliant Sophia Loren look like and who they are. -


What the sons of the brilliant Sophia Loren look like and who they are.

The brilliant Sophia Loren is already 88 years old, but she still continues to care for her children. The Italian actress and singer is rightly called a diva. She deserved this title. However, career is not the only thing that interests Sophie in life. Her main goal and dream were children and a strong family . Sophia Loren’s children have already grown up and become successful people, making their mother happy. But before that, the actress had to endure a lot of grief.

Sophia Loren’s children

Sophia Loren has become a favorite of the world public; she is known and respected far beyond the borders of her native Italy. However, few people know that world fame did not particularly please the star. She wanted quiet family happiness and really dreamed of children. Sophie could not achieve what she wanted: all attempts were in vain, she could not get pregnant. She sought help from doctors wherever she could. The funds were available, but there was no result. Sophie, as she admitted, had two miscarriages, which was very depressing for the woman.


When the actress was 34 years old , she finally became a mother. Sophie’s happiness knew no bounds. To bear a child, she was ready to do anything. Lauren put her career on hold and followed all the instructions of the eminent Geneva doctor. He strictly ordered me to be at home, lie down more and be less nervous. The boy was named Carlo – in honor of his father.

Sophia Loren devoted a lot of time to her son. She wanted to feel all the worries of motherhood as much as possible, so she did not hire any nannies or assistants. Now Carlo is already over 50, but his mother continues to show care. For parents, children always remain children . Carlo has his own family and is a successful conductor .

Second son of Sophia Loren

Sophie wanted more children. Five years after Carlo, her second son was born. They named him Eduardo . This pregnancy was just as important for Sophia Loren. She again followed the doctor’s advice and spent time at home in complete peace. After the birth of a boy, the actress seriously thought about devoting herself entirely to her family. And indeed she disappeared from the screens.

Son Eduardo became a famous director . He even invited his mother to play the lead role in one of his films. Sophia Loren had a rather serious break in her career, but despite this, she, as always, played her role brilliantly. Honestly, no one would have thought that she had not acted for a long time.

Eduardo, like Carlo, has his own family. He already has children. Now Sophia Loren is not only a happy mother, but also a grandmother . And although at 86 years old she does not appear in public very often, each of her appearances is something incredible and a great joy for all fans of her talent and creativity.

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