It’s time to stop! Sarah Jessica Parker makes those who criticize her age and gray hair blush. -


It’s time to stop! Sarah Jessica Parker makes those who criticize her age and gray hair blush.

Lately, the American actress has had a hard time. The performer of the legendary role of Carrie Bradshaw is tirelessly and sharply criticized on the Internet. The reason for the sudden hostility towards the star was… her appearance! Allegedly, the star only looks worse with age and it’s time to do something about wrinkles and gray strands. The constant stream of negativity is getting pretty boring. Therefore, 56-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker publicly addressed the haters .

Sarah Jessica Parker addressed the haters

Footage from the filming of the continuation of the cult series about friends from New York, which shows the actress, has become public knowledge . The photo shows significant changes in Parker’s appearance, which is completely normal due to her age. However, not everyone is ready to put up with this.

According to the actress, her appearance is criticized by everyone. “They say so many things: “Too many wrinkles, too few.” It seems that people simply do not want others to live in harmony with themselves. It’s as if they get pleasure from the fact that others experience pain due to lack of self-acceptance , ” Sarah suggested.

“I often face criticism of my appearance. But what do you want me to do? Stop aging? Or maybe just disappear?  – she is indignant.

The actress calls the increased attention to her gray hair “ misogynistic chatter . ” She added that her on-screen friends on the show also receive similar comments. But for some reason no one pays attention to the wrinkles of her male colleagues. Apparently, Parker is referring to a group photo with Andy Cohen.

“I am aware of all these comments, like wrinkles, gray hair. Well, yes, I have gray strands, so what? In the photo I am sitting next to Andy, whose entire head is gray . But for him this is a source of pride. So why should this be a punishment for me?” – the star complains.

You won’t be nice to everyone

Moreover, Sarah feels that people deliberately hurl insults at celebrities about their appearance in order to make them suffer. “Some age naturally, others undergo beauty injections. But for some reason both of them are condemned. You won’t be pleased , ” the actress concluded.

I’m curious if our readers agree with 56-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker? We are waiting for answers in the comments!

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