Wait what? Everybody is mocking Taylor Swift about her dance moves. IS SHE OK NOW? -


Wait what? Everybody is mocking Taylor Swift about her dance moves. IS SHE OK NOW?

Taylor Swift’s dancing skills have become a topic of debate among her fans.

A video clip posted by @harryalex98 has gone viral, showcasing the singer’s less-than-graceful dance moves during her performance at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh last week.

The 34-year-old pop star donned a fringed gold mini dress with white boots as she danced to her hit song “Fearless.”

In the clip, Swift can be seen attempting to shake her hips and move the fringe on her dress in a playful manner. However, her efforts seemed to fall short, with her movements appearing stiff and awkward. It seemed as though she aimed for a showgirl vibe but ended up looking somewhat amateurish. Despite this, Swift appeared to be having fun on stage, not taking herself too seriously.


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Well, you be the judge.

The video has sparked a range of reactions on social media. Some fans and critics alike have mocked her dance moves, with a few trolls comparing her to a “grandma” and suggesting she take dancing lessons. The overall consensus is that her performance lacked the fluidity and finesse expected from a seasoned performer like Swift.

Despite the criticism, Taylor Swift remains focused on her Eras Tour, which has been a massive success. Her next and final show of the tour is scheduled for December 8 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what she has in store, hoping for an unforgettable finale.

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