Weird! This looks like a regular family photo until you see what’s underneath mom -


Weird! This looks like a regular family photo until you see what’s underneath mom

This looks like a normal family photo until you see what’s hiding underneath mom…

With the huge number of photos posted online on a daily basis, it’s totally expected many of them to go viral because of one reason or another.

The following photos will make you wonder what’s wrong with them, but once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Family portrait

Number one is this lovely family photos of a mom, a dad, and their four children. They are all smiles and it’s obvious they are having a blast while taking this photo. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice human’s eyes lurking from underneath the mother.

Who Let The Dog Out?

If this looks like a regular classroom to you, look twice. Among all these students who are paying attention to the lecture, taking notes, and minding their own business, there is a huge dog doing exactly the same.

What is interesting is that no one seems to be bothered by the presence of the canine. But who knows, maybe the class is on Paw-litical’ theory.

Till Death Do Us Part

The wedding day is the best day in many people’s lives. It is the day they commit to that one person they want to spend their eternity with.

The photo above shows the beauty of such a moment, but there is one ‘tiny’ detail that makes it even better, or at least hilarious. If you take a closer look at the bottoms of the groom’s shoes, you can read the word ‘HELP.’ This is quite a cry for help, don’t you agree? It’s great that it’s just done for making the guests laugh.


These girls having a fun day at the beach decided to take a photo of themselves and cherish the memory forever, but the picture was photobombed by a man whose head popped up in the background.

Well, someone found this funny and decided to make it even more entertaining by photo shopping the man’s face on every girl’s face. Did you even notice?

Pose And Now Say- Cheese!

Another photo of a girls’ company having a blast at the beach. They decide to pose for a photo not realizing a man in the background joins them. He does make a nice addition to the photo, don’t you agree?

Just a Face In a Tree

Halloween is that time of the years when everyone tends to come up with a unique mask idea. Well, it seems like these four friends, yes, you’ve read that right, did an amazing job, especially the fourth one, who decided to mask himself into a tree, or just hide behind it.

Which photo confused you the most?

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