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20 Animals As Little Rays Of Sunshine That Are Able To Brighten Even The Our Rainiest Days

What can raise our spirits better than our adorable four-legged best friends? Even on the rainiest days, our fuzzy buddies can put a wide smile on our faces with only their playful faces, crazy gestures, weird poses, or even naughty character.

Modern Mood team has decided to distract its readers from everyday rush and daily problems to admire our best girls and boys that don’t even have to try hard to make us go aww and melt our hearts.

Check out the photos and tell us whose face makes you happier when you are down? Aren’t these little rays of sunshine one of the best ways to cheer up?

#1. This is honey. She will show you her ears or her tongue. But never both

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#2. “I do NOT see the humor in this”

Photo: © “I do NOT see the humor in this”

#3.  Meet Potato Dumpling being a total doofus.

Photo: © ScrapDraft

#4. Alfonso caught his first mouse. His reaction was an intricate mix of confusion, fear, and regret.

Photo: © iamsoveryverytired

#5. “My arm fell asleep because I didn’t want to disturb his derpy dreams”

Photo: © JMyers666

#6. Our new kitten is already plotting to take over the world

Photo: © ScarletDeMille

#7. Hope your weekend makes you as happy as this lad

Photo: © weewhippet

#8. Life is good!

Photo: © tikichik

#9. The best shots are those with him derpin out.

Photo: © SpoontToodage

#10. Twinsie derp. How is this even comfortable?

Photo: © verve1994

#11. “Yeah, I find this pose a very good way of relaxing”

Photo: © purplesheep19

#12. “I smile real big, to get the treats”

Photo: © goldenodin4147

#13. Permanent derp face. Cute old gal

Photo: © remykins87

#14. He enjoys impromptu yoga

Photo: © here4thememes420

#15. Look at this face that says “What’s going on here?”

Photo: © decent694201

#16. Pure happiness with ocean eyes

Photo: © meech98

#17. Relaxed after taking a bath

Photo: © BlackDiamondGirl

#18. “Tired of everyone’s bullshit” face

Photo: © ElonMuskBusiness

#19. What a beautiful pose

Photo: © AdamDeluxe

#20. This is Sisu, a stray dog who broke into a Dollar General 5 times to steal this purple unicorn. When Animal Control got there the officer bought it for him.

Photo: © baizybub