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15 Places That Once Were Lively Spots But Became Too Spooky After Being Abandoned

In some places it seems that time has stopped, clocks are not ticking anymore, window glasses are shattered, doors are open but they don’t welcome anyone anymore.

There is a strange ghostly feeling in abandoned places where there hasn’t been a sign of a living soul for quite a long period of time. All these places collected for this post were once lively spots that heard the laughter of its inhabitants and guests, their joys, their cries, happiness, and disappointments.

Scroll down to see the mysterious and spooky places that have been abandoned long ago.

#1. An Abandoned Theater

Photo: © _exodiia_

#2. An abandoned pool in Denmark

Photo: © vildrik

#3. An abandoned Mine Full of Cars, UK

Photo: © JanBel52

#4. An abandoned island in Japan

Photo: © Import

#5. Ice crystals cover the interior of an abandoned apartment north of the Arctic Circle in Russia

Photo: © Afferent_Input

#6. Old tanks left underwater

Photo: © zem204

#7. Abandoned Italian Castle/Fancy House

Photo: © estatefounder

#8. An abandoned hotel in Seychelles. I found an old logbook in the lobby with the name of the hotel. Berjaya Mahe Beach Resort

Photo: © Spanielvdm

#9. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Photo: © ElectronicRhubarb841

#10. The abandoned mansion and estate of a Japanese billionaire.

Photo: © havico1995

#11. Inside the disused London Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) tunnels

Photo: © AndyShoots

#12. Costa Concordia 2 years after sinking off the Italian coast.

Photo: © sowich4

#13. Beautiful Greenhouse somewhere in Belgium.

Photo: © trashkitten1987

#14. Abandoned bullet-train

Photo: © greg_abandoned

#15. Built in the 19th century, this mansion with a rose exterior offers panoramic views of the spectacular Lebanese coastline.

Photo: © Jnd-02