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15 Photos Of Cool Designs That Wowed Us With Their Level Of Creativity

Creativity and design have undergone great improvements during recent years and the desire to create something that will make people drop their jaw has brought designers to a whole new level of limitless creativity.

A really great design makes it hard for the viewer to take their eyes off of the object.

Such examples are prepared in this article we compiled from cool design ideas that show what happens when designers start thinking outside the box and prove their creativity can reach the skies.

Scroll down to see the photos and tell us which one is the most satisfying.

#1. A creative way to show how much they need a graphic designer. 

Photo: ©Evershine_1564

#2. Whoever designed this, did a really incredible job.

Photo: © LordFlexanor

#3. Ballerinas fountain in Poland

Photo: © Fat_Burn_Victim

#4. 6 story staircase in an upper east side Manhattan home

Photo: © itsamplifly

#5. Incredible house exterior in  Brussels

Photo: © coilerknee

#6. A giant iron tree built into the side of the Russian ministry of agriculture

Photo: © snoopdog16

#7. Multi-colored Hair Ad

Photo: © CheapShotNinia

#8. The perfectly cut and re-assembled log at reception.

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#9. The perfect blue bathoom

Photo: ©

#10.  The cutlery of our dreams 

Photo: ©

#11. Would you like such a gentle design in your bathroom?

Photo: ©

#12. Castello Di Reschio in Lisciano Niccone, Italy.

Photo: © karmagheden

#13. Pigalle Basketball Court designed by Ill Studio & Nike

Photo: © tanmaypendse63

#14. ZHA Wins Competition to Design Tower C at Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base

Photo: © conorthearchitect

#15. A very cool interior design

Photo: ©