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15 Incredible Photos That Reveal Nature’s Ever-Existing Mysteries

If you thought that nothing could amaze you today then you are most welcome to check out this article and perfectly show all the mystery and incredibility that Nature has kept in store for us.

And all these mysteries are hidden in the most common things like finding out that white polar bears have black skin, Dracula Orchid flowers look exactly like little freaky monkeys, or that blue-colored king crabs actually exist.

To say that this is all you’ll see in the photos below is to say nothing. Because there are things that can be told about and things that simply should be seen and be wowed. So this is why we suggest keeping on scrolling to see more of this wonderful world.

#1. Polar bears have black skin and clear, hollow fur. Their clear fur allows more sunlight to reach the skin, and their dark skin absorbs heat better.

Photo: © phantomqueen_13

#2. Shishi-Iwa (also known as Lion Rock) in Mie Prefecture, Japan. At sunrise, you can see the Lion sink its teeth into the sun. However, seeing the moon “trapped” in the lion’s mouth is only seen a few times every year

Photo: © mrsdhammond

#3. Fossilized dinosaur skin

Photo: © Justme222222

#4. A rare yellow penguin.

Photo: © medardoo1

#5. Before a Typhoon Light, refraction causes the sky to turn purple in Japan

Photo: © BloomingMoss

#6. Vietnamese mossy frog’s moss-like body serves him as a camouflage

Photo: © CYBERSson

#7. The Galápagos Marine Iguana

Photo: © WhyIsLife12

#8. Dracula Orchid Flowers look just like Monkeys!

Photo: © PlantBois

#9.  A massive microburst dumping millions of gallons of water over southern Phoenix. By: Bruce Haffner

Photo: © hominoid_in_NGC4594

#10. Natural spring that flows through a Living Tree!

Photo: © armwaypaul

#11. Tree of Life – Olympic National Park, Washington.

Photo: © Imgur

#12. Rare blue-coloured king crab found off the coast of Alaska

Photo: © zZBluewalrusZz

#13. In Evolutionary Biology, “red” often means danger/don’t eat me or you will get sick or die. What does it mean for this Malagasy Grasshopper?

Photo: © doctor_karl

#14. Exotic, beautiful, and rare Patagonian crater agate only found in Argentina!

Photo: © leakytoquito

#15.  Middle Finger Cactus

Photo: © mohiemen