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15 Funny Faces Of Newborn Babies That Look Much Older Than Their Grandparents

Meet the old babies. Yes, you read it right, newborn babies who look way much older than their grandparents. It’s very common when people see a newborn baby and tell their parents it looks like an old man. But these people haven’t seen babies that actually do look like old people. And we are here to show them some real age.

Actually, the biological age sometimes might have nothing to do with a person’s chronological age. Chronologically we all age in the same way but biological age is based on our physical condition that can be affected by different external factors. Of course, the babies that appear to be old in these photos will come back to normal very soon, it’s just a temporary thing, but funny, oh so funny! However, if we want to maintain our biological youth there are certain things to do and also things to avoid.

Exercising and physical activities are key elements of our health and youth, also healthy diets and kissing all the bad habits like alcohol and/or cigarettes goodbye will help us in our fight for biological youth, healthy mind, and body.

The little cuties that have become the heroes of our article are just a few days old but have the expression of a 50-year-old that has seen all the cruelty of this unfair world. But even so, they are so damn cute, babies can’t do anything without being cute, right?

Scroll down to have a good laugh at these funny faces and tell us the age of the oldest baby you’ve met in your life.

#1. Wise old soul

Photo: © Alexandria_Scott

#2. Reminiscing about his youth made him chuckle

Photo: © DayDreamNovels

#3. Life is Pain

Photo: © goodnewsfpwlbn

#4.  My bestie back when she was a tiny granddaddy.

Photo: © CatchHot6492

#5. Hair Club for Men

Photo: © Alexandria_Scott

#6. He’s figuring out which cup Wesley poisoned

Photo: © TristanLennon

#7. My best friends son always looks like he’s wondering if retirement can come any faster.

Photo: © Crunchieee

#8. Everyone knows not to bother Sondra from Payroll during tax season.

Photo: © seitanictemple

#9. Look at his face that says “tired of this all”

Photo: © PrincessFluffyBunny

#10. Very judgy…

Photo: © V

#11. This face is hell of a cuteness

Photo: © divinesweetsorrow

#12. Grandpa baby; grandpa pyjamas

Photo: © J-JAG5187

#13. “Lost my job, lost my wife, lost my binky.”

Photo: © yoshioshilol

#14. Time to change what?

Photo: ©Triggercut72

#15. Offered to do my taxes straight out of the womb.

Photo: © lgrabowski