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15 Funniest Emotions Of Dogs That Are Too Weird But Made Us Crack From Laughter

The world has gone crazy, people have gone crazy, and our friends with soft paws and tails couldn’t leave us alone in our craziness. If you think crazy is the new normal, everyone’s a little crazy, that’s not a big deal, nothing to be surprised at, and things of a kind, then check out the photos of our derpy dogs that obviously charged themselves with a range of silly emotions and weird behavior. I promise this is gonna be so funny!

No matter how foolish our cuties can sometimes get there is nothing that makes our laughter harder and our days more fun. There is even a subreddit dedicated to silly dogs called “What’s wrong with your dog” that already hit 1 million subscribers daily posting funny photos of their weirdos and making other members crack.

I bet this does give you a better idea of how much goofiness and derpiness every doggo has, right? Do you think your dog is weird enough for you to join this community and share its pics?

#1. “Honey, the dog’s walking on the wall again..”

Photo: © Hereofbleed423

#2. “I love it when I come home and he’s already done the dishes!”

Photo: © shakibuju

#3. “I kinda hate when he yawns”

Photo: © bustyodust

#4. A windy day! When you feel like one of those movie stars

Photo: © beluuuuuuga

#5. What is this face trying to say?

Photo: © hippobigbooty

#6. Are you sure she read the instructions before assembly?

Photo: © kawkmajik

#7. “My two Weimaraners out in the yard…”


#8. The sleeves have eyes

Photo: © Maahee_2

#9. “My old lady waking up from eye surgery …”

Photo: © JimmyD416

#10. “He definitely feels at home with us”

Photo: ©

#11. “Her face when I tell her I love her…”

Photo: © abbiyah

#12. “This is what the tiniest bit of whipped cream will do to my dog…”

Photo: © its_a_me__a_person

#13. She’s a cartoon.

Photo: © artfullynone

#14. “Mabel came back from the vet’s today after being sedated for a procedure on her ear. She’s currently high as a kite.”

Photo: © Chester_Welsh

#15. A net to stop the dog from distracting you when driving. The dog:

Photo: © zenru