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15 Examples Of What Happens When Nature Gets Bored With Templates And Starts Thinking Outside The Box

We are all used to seeing certain things in exact shapes, styles, sizes, and when we come across the same thing that’s different from our perception of it, we first get confused then feel surprised by it. And this is exactly something that brings flavor and interest to our otherwise boring lives.

After all, Nature also gets tired of working in templates from time to time and feels the need for custom-made stuff. This is when it starts thinking outside the box and creates things that simply get us hyped, like the off-center pupil one of the user had since birth, the tree that has grown in the shape of a mastodon, or the cat with a rare genetic mutation that made her eyes look like broken glass. It needs not even mention that Nature can sometimes get so creative that not a single human being on the planet ever can get and we have proven this not once.

We have selected all the unique things that Nature decided to crash down all the templates while creating them.

#1. “Dopped my headphone at the beach and it pulled the iron out of the sand.”

Photo © GromainRosjean

#2. “Off-center pupil, I’ve had since birth.”

Photo © Nintendeion

#3. “The right joint of my thumb never developed. I can’t bend it.”

Photo © Jousan_

#4. “I have hair growing between my first and second knuckle on only one finger”

Photo © Guitrum

#5. This butternut squash was almost all squash

Photo © elophine

#6. This cat has a genetic mutation that makes her eyes look like broken glass

Photo © ViVilma

#7. A tortoiseshell cat with an extraordinary orange pattern on its paws

Photo © Stormaris

#8. This dog’s Achilles is translucent in the sun.

Photo © jritt24

#9. This carrot tied itself in a knot in the ground.

Photo © friedmushnasty

#10. “None of my fingers have a middle joint”

Photo © JayFayad

#11. “One of our chickens just laid a jumbo egg with another egg inside”

Photo © 86-your-enthusiasm

#12. A very rare red-fleshed apple

Photo © justasimplelampoon

#13. Cat or chameleon?

Photo © therealcatato

#14. “My nail polish chipped and turned into what looks like a hunched over man and a gorilla”

Photo © acetlyco

#15. This tree kind of looks like a mastodon, doesn’t it?

Photo © seniers