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15 Examples Of Perfection In Ordinary Things That Are So Satisfying To Look At

With all the possibilities that Photoshop opens in front of us, it has become so hard to realize what’s real and what’s fake. Moreover, when the image you see is somehow perfect and oddly satisfying you surely become suspicious about its authenticity.

In fact, we spend most of our lives searching for perfection but sometimes the most perfect things are right next to us in the most unexpected places and in the most ordinary things, so the only thing we need to do is notice and be grateful for them.

The photos we prepared in this post are more than real and at the same time so perfect that it is even satisfying to look at them.

#1. The way the frost highlights the sculpture

Photo © V

#2. This rug is simply happiness

Photo © TDRichie

#3. Real perfection is in matching

Photo © unknown

#4. Snowfall is always satisfying

Photo © Zothik

#5. Pizza dough has ever been this perfect

Photo © jimblenikrap

#6. The arrangement of these bubbles looks like Europe and Asia

Photo © Stockilytake

#7. A perfect underwater bubble ring.

Photo © guille_berna

#8. Almost perfectly symmetrical liminal space; hotel hallway

Photo © ErinsSonicYouth

#9. Perfect lines in the snow

Photo © yeti-confetti

#10. Glassblowing…

Photo © hcgsoccer11

#11. The perfect mandarin


#12. How cute is this Little street Cheerleader

Photo © LittleLordFontalot

#13. The perfect cupcake swirl

Photo © zambamboz

#14. The perfect pancake pyramid.

Photo © QUOKKI13

#15. “My clock records the time, date, and temperature. Tonight it all synced up.”

Photo © ThunderChild247